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I am using Outlook Express as my default mail application. How do I add my new account(s) so that Outlook can send and receive mail using it?
From the Outlook Express toolbar select "Tools" and then "Accounts". Then choose "add" and "Mail". The Account Wizard will walk you through the rest of the process. If you are using another application such as Netscape the process in very similar. To setup mail in Netscape simply choose "Edit" and then "Mail/News Account Settings" If you have problems simply call or email Lanziant Support. We'll be happy to assist you.
In setting up my default email application (Outlook Express) it requires I enter my "Incoming Mail (POP3)" information. What is that?

POP3 Mail Settings: Your incoming POP3 is Your outgoing or SMTP would be your ISP i.e. or

When I test my new account it still asks for my user name and password again and will not accept when I re-enter it. I know my password is correct.

The most common error in entry is actually the account name. Many enter just the first portion of the email account name instead of the full account name. Be Sure to enter your entire account name which is your full email address: i.e.

I often work from home. Can I have my home computer and or Laptop access the same account(s) both at home and at my office simultaneously?
Yes. Setup the account on each computer and or edit the existing account as previously setup. When you either setup or edit the mail account settings check the box "Leave a Copy Of Messages On Server" on EACH computer. Also, there is generally an option to "Delete Messages After _ Day's" We recommend selecting this as well. The default is 5 days which is generally sufficient. In Outlook Express the account options can be found under "Tools" and then "Accounts". Then either choose "add" or if already setup choose the account and then select "properties". The "Leave On Server" option is under the "advanced" tab.
Once setup you will be able to receive mail on each computer. If you simply want to access your mail during an infrequent trip or vacation the webmail client is another option. This is a popular solution if you are not using a laptop as you can access your email from any computer having online access.
What is web based email?
Web based email gives you the ability to send and receive email without the need to configure your email client. The benefits of this include the ability to access your email anywhere as long as you have web access. Ease of use as there is no need to specify all those technical settings and you can access your email on more than one computer without having to configure an email client.
How do I access the Webmail client?
Web Based email can be accessed via the WebMail Login Page on this site or simply browse to Then to login simply enter your valid email address and password for your account.
Go to ATP WebMail Login
Can I access the Webmail from any computer?
Yes. Basically that's what it is generally used for as most use a default email application such as Microsoft Outlook on their primary computer.
Can I manage my own email accounts?
Certainly. Clients hosted by Lanziant can access the Control Panel for their domain via the Client Login. Once logged in simply select Manage Domain and then Email Manager. The simple interface allows you to add or remove users, forward mail and setup or edit auto responders for each account. From the Control Panel you can also view current site statistics, check disk space and setup or manage you secure database,
What if I don't know or forgot my User ID or Password ?
You or your administrator can either call or email support to obtain or reset your login information.
When I logged into the Control Panel to edit my email accounts I noticed a "Change Password" option/icon on the main Control Panel page. What is that?
The option is provided for clients having an IT department or staff member who manages site content. It is the primary password for accessing your domain. It is also the password you used to access the login and best left alone. However, if you change it simply notify Lanziant Support of same so it does not effect uploads to your site. If you change the password and forget to advise support we can retrieve it or alternatively reset it but it may delay your updates in process. If your intention was to change your email password select "Email Manager", then select the account you wish to modify and click "edit". The mail manager for that account will open and you will see the change password option.
What is a "auto responder"?

Every mail account can have an auto responder, this means every time somebody sends you an email, the mail server automatically sends a standard email back - which you create. This is used for confirmation that you have received an email, or to let people know you are out of the office for a period of time. To set this up simply go to Manage Email via the Control Panel (Client Login) , select the account you wish to apply the responder, check 'Enable Auto Reply' and fill out your message. Is it a good idea to also put any emails which also have auto responders in them that you are aware of in the 'No reply to:' field (including the email address itself). You can also choose to reply from a different email address. The 'echo message' command sends an auto responder which also includes the message that was sent to it.

I have a large staff and several email accounts. Can they manage their own mail account and/or auto responders?
Most of our clients have established maintenance and support contracts with us and this is another of many reasons for doing so. Support makes email management a breeze and avoids confusion when managing a large number of accounts. Mail management is a free service for clients under said agreements.
However, users can manage their own mailbox. There are only two privilege levels available to you, and you cannot change them. Your main account ( will have Domain level privileges (meaning they can add new mailboxes). An account administrator is generally assigned by the client to manage the account if we are not doing so. All other accounts you setup will have 'No' privileges, meaning users can only modify their own mailbox properties. Users restricted to user level management will able to easily do so from the new webmail client currently pending launch.
Why is some of my incoming mail marked "[SPAM]"?
SPAM Filtering was implemented in June of this year. The SPAM Filter gives each incoming email a score based on common SPAM elements in an email. Generally any score over 5 is SPAM.
SPAM Filter settings on each mail account are set by default to "mark as SPAM in Subject", this means that if the SPAM Score is equal or more than the number in the 'Score to Mark SPAM in Subject' setting, then the word '[SPAM]' is appended to the front of the subject of the email. You can then use your email client (i.e. Outlook or Outlook Express) to filter '[SPAM]' marked emails to a specific folder or delete them altogether. The default score setting for this is 7. SPAM Filter settings can be changed or disabled by using the control panel, accessible via the Client Login. Once logged in select "Email", then the account you wish to manage and click "edit".
Once you, or your account administrator, have navigated to the Mail Control for the applicable account, you will find a detailed description of the options to the left of each setting. Should you require any assistance simply notify our Support Team and we'll be happy to assist or make any applicable changes for you.
Other Common Questions
What is the Client Login?
The Client Login portal enables clients, having site(s) hosted on our servers, user level access to their domain. The portal allows clients to review data such as complete site statistics and manage email.
How do I know how many "hits" my site gets?
Detailed site statistics can be accessed via the Client Login. Site Stats provide a great deal of insight into both current and past domain history. Statistics are provided in chart and data form and include hits, visitor count, unique visitor count, spider/robot visits, page count, bandwidth, duration of visits and pages visited. Other details include, stats by days, stats by hours, hits by operating system, hits by browser type, visits by hosts, visits accessed via other web site links, search keyphrases, search keywords and error codes. Most all stats can be opened in extended formats which generate even more detailed reports. The main statistics page reflects history for the current calendar year by month which allows for easy review.
I want to add images to my site gallery each month. Can I manage this?
In most cases image galleries are developed in Macromedia Flash or similar format and require editing by a skilled developer. Another consideration is the images themselves almost always require enhancement, editing and size optimization. This is why we have developed cost effective content management alternatives so as a Lanziant client you can concentrate on building your business without the worry of keeping your site up to date. Maintenance agreements can be tailored to your needs and budget thus allowing you to control your web application costs. Further, we can also provide digital photography services as an extension of your support agreement making gallery updates completely painless.
My site has been online for several years now and looks a little dated. When should I consider a new look?
Of course we would love to sell you a new solution every year, but as a general rule we suggest a rebuild every two to three years. As programmers advance in software development it opens new doors to design and functionality. As these advancements materialize and are accepted as a standard, the code, which is the backbone of your website, requires updating to insure your site functions properly when viewed by new browsers. Not only will the new site make a better impression but it will be better positioned to be accepted by reputable search engines. Another benefit of being a Lanziant client is we develop the new application at a considerable discount.
What is "case studies" and why does it require a login?
Case Studies is a portfolio of recent website's, applications and designs as well as current featured sites. A login is required because we respect our clients right to privacy. In recent months marketing companies have developed new methods in obtaining information and/or sales leads. One of these is web based research. To help shield our client base from spam and other similar marketing techniques we have restricted access to our online portfolio by requiring the user to obtain a temporary user name and password. Lanziant designers often participate in design / development collaborations with other talented designers in the industry. We only include sites that were solely developed by Lanziant and we have been authorized to include them.
You are currently designing a website for my company and we had discussed a maintenance agreement. Is there a long term contract for you to support my site?
No. Against the advice of counsel we simply don't believe in binding our clients to a contract. We want you to stay with Lanziant because you want to . . . not because you have to. We figure if we do a good job you'll want to remain a Lanziant client. Besides, we're designers not lawyers. Read more about: Managed Solutions.
I have a small company I just started and was wondering what it would cost to have a website. How much should I expect to pay? Should I wait until I get more established?
Website development cost depends on many variables. Far to many to list. A site can cost hundreds or thousands or in some extreme cases even more. However, if you consider some companies pay several thousand dollars to run a color print advertisement just one time, which has a limited circulation, a website is an incredible value. With a quality website and some applied marketing you can reach an unlimited number of potential customers 24 hours a day, everyday. To quote an associate in the industry . . "A website is a salesman that never sleeps". I don't think it possible to sum it up any better.
Cost is always a consideration. That's why we developed the Pixels For Profits Program. Through this unique program Lanziant offers custom tailored packages to fit your needs and your budget. Best of all your site can grow as you do! Read more about: Pixels For Profits.
In reply to your second question, your website can very well be the foundation for the success of your business. We've seen it happen many times and have clients who's website is their sole source of advertisement. You can reach more people and support your customers at the same time. Consider entities like Their business is their website.
A company offered me a cheap website that was a "template". What is that?
Cheap is right and you get what you pay for. Site templates are "cookie cutter" solutions generally developed for repetitive deployment. They just change the text and type your name in it and poof. Its fast and your term of satisfaction will be short lived. Most of the time search engines will not even recognize such sites so its like having a pen without ink. We don't consider them competition but business generators. We have developed many quality solutions for clients who fell victim to the so called "quick and cheap" marketers and subsequently sought professional assistance. It's very unfortunate as it reflects poorly the web design industry as a whole.
Lanziant does not develop, maintain or in any way support such applications. We could, and it could be quite lucrative, at least for a while but it would not last. We assist clients with design ideas and custom build/code every solution to their specifications. If it is not done right, we don't want the Lanziant name on it. We would love to have your business. Contact us, I am sure we can tailor a solution to fit your budget. However, should you choose not to use Lanziant please seek a professional designer.
We want to have your company build a nice website for our organization that would allow us manage some information like our weekly events. Can we do that?
Sure, there are many larger companies who have web savvy IT personnel who manage content in pages we developed. However, if you do not have an IT staff you might discuss your support options with us before resorting to trusting your site to staff who lack the appropriate skills. Our solutions can be very cost effective and can be modified to meet your needs. Plus, you wont have to worry about the security of your site data, user ID or passwords.
Can I use an html editor to make changes to the text on my website?
For simple text or image updates there are several software solutions for content management and editing. If you wish to maintain your own content, without effecting the design or functionality of your site, we highly recommend Macromedia Contribute. Lanziant developed site content can be easily managed using this useful tool - Read more and take a tour of Contribute.

If you were seeking support on an issue not addressed within these common issues please contact Lanziant Support. > Email Support
The information on this page is updated regularly and is subject to change.


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